9 File transfer

You have several ways to transfer files between maemo device and host PC through Maemo PC Connectivity. First, you have to install maemo-pc-connectivity meta package on maemo device and host-pc-connectivity package on host PC (Linux, Windows and Mac OS). Bellow, it will be described how to use the file transfer tools available on Maemo PC Connectivity. To simplify, it is assumed that you already have a Usb network between maemo device and host PC.

Note: on host PC, you should type the commands bellow at terminal on Linux and Mac OS and at Cygwin shell on Windows.

9.1 SCP

With SCP (Secure Copy), you can securely transfer files between a local and a remote host or between two remote hosts, using the SSH protocol. Next, it will described how to transfer files between maemo device and host PC through SCP:

You can use ssh-key-exchange as described in section 6.1 to avoid SSH requiring password every time.

9.2 SFTP

Once you installed maemo-pc-connectivity meta package, your maemo device folders can be accessed by your host PC through a SFTP client. If you also installed host-pc-connectivity package, your host PC already has a SFTP client, FileZilla. So, you are ready to access your maemo device folders from host PC through SFTP. Just follow the next steps:


As maemo-pc-connectivity meta package installs RSYNC, you can incrementally transfer files and directories between maemo device and host PC. That is, you can send/receive only the bytes inside files that changed since the last replication, and remove files on the destination host if those files were deleted on the source host to keep both hosts in sync. You can find examples and documentation at Rsync Web Page.

Walter 2009-12-21