10 Service announcement

Maemo PC Connectivity automatically announces Samba shares, NFS shares, SSH, X11VNC and SBRSH through Avahi. Thus, host PCs can easily find the services available on maemo device. Avahi is an open-source implementation of the Bonjour protocol. It is used to facilitate the discovery of services on a local network.

10.1 Linux

First, you should install avahi-discover by executing the following command:

sudo apt-get install avahi-discover

Next, you can use the avahi-discover utility to see all services announced by maemo device:

Image mpc_linux_avahi_discover

10.2 Mac OS

Samba and NFS shares are automatically shown on ``SHARED'' section of the ``Finder'' application:

Image mpc_mac_avahi_finder

Walter 2009-12-21