Maemo PC Connectivity

Maemo PC Connectivity project aims to make easier communication between maemo device and host PC. For this, it provides tools to simplify tasks like connection establishment, Internet sharing, remote shell, file sharing, remote desktop and file transfer


The  PC Connectivity code is under GPL version 2 open source license, so we accept contribuitions of bugs, feature requests, documentation, and code. 

If you'd like to contribute to the project, here are some guidelines:

  • Please get a feel for the code by contributing patches before asking for developer access. We're working full-time on the project currently, so it's easier for us to have more control during this time :)
  • If you want to fix a bug, attach a patch to the bug. If you have a feature or something which isn't a bug, file a feature task and attach the patch there.
  • Please follow the coding conventions in the existing source. 

Project Page at Maemo Garage

PC Connectivity SVN repository

  •  Browse the svn tree here, or check out the repository:
    • $ svn checkout

Mailing Lists

Meet the team at IRC:

  •  Server:
  •  Channel: #pc-connectivity